Star Trek F-Bomb

While it was nice to see Star Trek: Discovery pass another milestone, I just didn’t think it would be the “F-bomb” milestone. A couple of weeks ago, Discovery became the first Star Trek television show (and perhaps any official creation of the franchise?) to use the dreaded “F-word.” Now, don’t worry. As Sheldon Cooper would […]

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Soylent Never Dies!

So, I noticed the other day that there’s a company that makes coffee flavorings (I believe they are soy milk based) and the product is named “Soylent.” I just had to wonder whether or not, if I look at the “Ingredients” label on back I will see “Ingredients: People, ….”  

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Let’s do the Time Warp Again

At the conclusion of  Star Trek’s “The Naked Time” episode Captain Sulu notices that the ship’s chronometer is running backwards and declares that they must have gone through a time warp! In the Lost in Space episode “Visit to a Hostile Planet” , once they return to Earth briefly at the beginning of the third […]

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