(The *New*) Lost in Space Season 3 on Netflix (Dec. 1)

I’m looking forward to seeing the third and apparently last season of the Lost in Space reboot on Netflix. Even though this series clearly has higher production values than its predecessor, I’m still not quite as excited about it as the original series, even realizing that my beloved original Lost in Space descended into sheer stupidity in the middle of the second and third seasons. However, much like the original, the Robinson family fights together against adversity. Furthermore, they aren’t perfect. The parents are on the verge of divorce. The kids aren’t prodigies, but they are good at what they do and can apply it in an emergency. Smith is a true escaped mental patient. Also, unlike the original, maybe we’ll get a satisfying resolution to the Robinson saga. Also, there’s nothing much coming to Netflix (other than great “Ozark”) in the next month or two and I believe a sci fi film on asteroid collisions (I will write separately about that).

Oh, and for those who enjoy the original series , take a look at this great podcast on the classic series:


These guys, Laen August and Kurt Keursteiner are hilarious. Watch out though, they can sometimes be politically incorrect!

They are about halfway done with the series, but in addition to podcasts on the first 35+ episodes, they have interviews with cast members Angela Cartwright and Marta Kristen as well as Lost In Space expert Marc Cushman and others.

Have fun!

And if you’d like to read more about some of these same issues read The Physics and Astronomy of Science Fiction by Me, Steve Bloom, available online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the publisher, McFarland Publishing.


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