The February 2016 meteor: Why care?

NASA recently announced that the most powerful meteor strike since Chelyabinsk occurred  in early  February 2016 exploding over the Atlantic Ocean. Nobody was harmed, so why should we care? It turns out that this small asteroid (probably less than 10 meters across) yielded an energy  equivalent to about 12 kilotons of TNT as it exploded, making it […]

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Spaced Out Trivia

Here’s some  trivia questions for those of you interested in sci-fi movies and television. This guest star to a Lost in Space episode was also in the Hitchcock film, Vertigo. Who was it? These two regulars from the 1970’s series Space: 1999 also guest starred later in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Who were they? I […]

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Surf’s Up!

In his 2011 “Disturbing the Universe” blog posting, Dave Goldberg, Drexel physicist and co-author of A User’s Guide to the Universe, asked whether we could surf a gravitational wave. I re-ask this question now due to the very recent discovery (by LIGO) of gravitational waves from merging black holes. The answer is a qualified yes, since […]

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