Life on Venus?

Since the 1920’s it became progressively more clear that Venus did not have much oxygen and its atmosphere was thick and carbon dioxide dominated. Since 1962, as the planetary probe Mariner II passed close to the planet, it became quite evident that Venus was very hot, but this was just a firm observation of what […]

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Challenger: The Final Flight

This week I watched the Netflix documentary, Challenger: The Final Flight regarding the 1986 Space Shuttle disaster. There are a few things that struck me much more forcefully than they had at the time, but perhaps that’s just simply that I am older and more willing to look at some of the details, or more […]

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At Home with Away

Or perhaps if we were going for pitching a “high concept” related to the Netflix original series, Away, we could call it “No Exit” meets “Lost in Space.” Maybe the astronauts on their way to Mars think space is hell, or that Mars is hell, or that even Earth is or will be hell. But […]

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