Check out Alpha Control Podcast Interview!

3 thoughts on “Check out Alpha Control Podcast Interview!

  1. I really enjoyed the interview(s). I have been attempting for years to make various LIS scenarios conform with my layman’s understanding of physics, with varying results.

    One explanation I’ve come up with for Priplanis’ eccentric orbit is that it was once a “rogue planet” that was ejected from one solar system and captured by another (after many, many years in interstellar space). That would explain the wild orbit, but the huge temperature swings over several days is very unlikely. Months, maybe, but not days.

    I mentioned to Laen that it would be fun to have a recurring “Ask Dr. Bloom” segment on his podcast, where listeners could submit questions in advance.


  2. Yes, if it were an orbit of days, it would mean it was very close to the parent star. If it were that close, it would be tidally locked (or even just destroyed, depending on supposed type of star). It would be tough imagining a changeable climate (100 degree swings) under those conditions. Tilt of the planet’s axis could also be a factor, but that’s never mentioned.


  3. Priplanis is shown to have two moons, which would have a profound effect on the planet in the form of volcanoes, earthquakes and huge tides on the Inland Sea. Could they possibly slow the rotation of the planet so that one Priplanisian “day” would take several Earth days or more, resulting in extreme temperature fluctuations between the daylit and nighttime hemispheres? Or would they actually speed up the rotation?

    It was never shown as such in the series, but it might account for the huge temperature variations so close together, relatively.


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