A few things about Netflix Lost in Space

As I consider some of the physics of the the third season of the new Lost in Space (yeah, I know, we can hear the asteroid collision!) , I wanted to note some interesting nods to the first series:

  1. Vijay playing a vintage beat-up acoustic guitar is a nod to the original series Will strumming “Green Sleeves” or “Sloop John B.”
  2. exploring derelict ship is nod to original series episode “Derelict.”
  3. exploring cave and finding alien writing is nod to various original series episodes, but in particular their first exploration into an underground relic alien settlement.
  4. a colonist introduces himself as “Teufeld,” a hidden reference to voice actor Dick Teufeld, the voice of the original robot.
  5. mining for titanium parallels various mining operations in the original, including quests for cobalt-magnesium, “deutronium,” etc.
  6. rock formations look a bit like Trona Pinnacles featured in 1st season of first series, though here they are on a green planet.


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