We started to discuss some of the hottest and coldest scenes from science fiction. Here are some of the coldest films and  tv episodes in sci fi: From the Star Trek franchise there are at least two. The first is from the original series episode “All Our Yesterday’s.” The planet Sarapeidon has achieved the ability […]

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Hot and Cold

A short time ago I was discussing Soylent Green’s original contribution to science fiction. It wasn’t so much the famous instances of  secretive forced cannabalism, but that this appears to me to be the first film to mention anthropogenic global warming (though  some other films do talk about warming caused by nuclear strikes or asteroid […]

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Ripped from the Headlines

As I mentioned myself a few weeks ago, and which many of you have seen for yourselves, The Handmaids Tale (Hulu reboot) has been seen as topical, especially for Americans, not so much for the ascent of the religious right (which, save for having a representative as  Vice President and perhaps future President, has been […]

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Soylent Follow-Up

I just thought I’d follow up on the question I asked the other day: The film Soylent Green (1973) makes a clear reference to the greenhouse effect and global warming. When was the first clear reference to anthropogenic climate change (related to industry, gasoline powered vehicles, etc.) in science fiction? At first, I thought the […]

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No Kill I

You know, I just realised something new! In one of Spock’s most famous mind melds in the Star Trek episode “The Devil in The Dark”, he melds with a Horta, which is the odd shaggy silicon based life form featured therein. Crying out, essentially in the voice of the Horta, Spock says “Devils!” referring to […]

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Soylent Green is Hot

Of course, the most memorable aspect of the 1973 sci-fi film, Soylent Green, is that the eponymous “tasteless crud” is , well, errr….ehem…made out of people and not plankton (as claimed). Yum!  But I noticed while recently re-watching the film that the conditions of the Earth at that time (the year, we are told, is […]

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Martin Landau and Space: 1999

Yesterday I began speaking of Martin Landau’s contributions to science fiction and started with his performance in the Outer Limits episode “The Man Who Was Never Born” (he also gave a decent, though less memorable, performance in “The Bellero Shield” and, by the way, was also in at least two rather forgettable Twilight Zone episodes) […]

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