To the stars…

From the looks of the trailers, Ad Astra seemed like it was going to be a very compelling space tale. For the most part, in terms of general plot, it did not disappoint. Astronaut Roy Mc Bride (Brad Pitt) is sent on a mission to stop his father (played by Tommy Lee Jones), presumed lost […]

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Bird Box and Bandersnatch

Last week Netflix dropped two offerings that can be seen to overlap in the sci fi genre, so I thought I’d talk about each one, though we’ve seen quite a lot of talk already about these two, especially from Netflix itself. Bird Box seemed like it would have a lot to offer, especially with a […]

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The First

I thought I’d make some remarks concerning Hulu’s series, The First, regarding the first crewed mission to Mars. I like how they turned a cliche on its head to explore the relationship between an astronaut and his daughter. The cliche is one we’ve scene before: male scientist/engineer/astronaut is left to raise his one child, a […]

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Harlan Ellison

Recently while I was on vacation I spent some time working on a new project and was conducting some research on Harlan Ellison. Somewhat to my surprise, I saw that he had died just a few days prior. His death hadn’t gotten much attention and that was the first I had heard about it. I […]

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(Grand)father’s Paradox Day

I suggest that instead of going back in time to kill your grandfather (or any other male ancestor) you get him the perfect gift: a book about all that cool sci-fi he watched while growing up (assuming he ever did grow up! I know just the book: The Physics and Astronomy of Science Fiction by….me! […]

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