Netflix Gets Lost in Space

Though a dynamic and eye-catching adventure with some fine acting sprinkled in, Netflix’ reboot of Lost in Space just doesn’t quite grab me. Though I’m interested enough to “tune in” again next season, I don’t think its because of the gripping plot-line. Maybe its because I’m secretly hoping it becomes more like the original? Well, […]

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Lost in Space: What they Got Right!

Last week I posted about what the original LIS series got wrong in terms of Physics, Astronomy and some related subjects. Today I’ll talk about what they got right. 1. Non-humanoid intelligent aliens: In just their second show back in the autumn of 1965 they encountered intelligent “bubble-like” creatures. They didn’t speak at all (in […]

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Lost in Space Reboot

If you know me or have been reading my work then you probably know that I’m a fan of the 1960’s Irwin Allen produced sci fi series, Lost in Space. Even though they mostly played for laughs after the first season, and may have even made a willful effort to ignore anything like scientific laws […]

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Ouamuamua and Space:1999?

Towards the end of the year you may have heard about the recent discovery of the strange asteroid-like object dubbed Ouamuamua. This object is about 400 meters long, but only a few meters wide, so unlike most asteroids, it’s highly elongated. Its very high speed (some estimates seem to be in the range of 200,000 […]

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