So, where are the Kanamits from?

OK, so now that we’ve seen the Kanamits in two different Twilight Zone episodes over about 60 years, lets see if we can figure out where they are from.

I think some clues are given in the recent “You Might Also Like..” episode. The Kanamit leader says to Mrs. Warren, “We’ve seen the trails of your kings and the collapse of your towers.” This is a bit ambiguous, but perhaps can refer to the impeachment trail of President Clinton (1999) and 9/11/2001? In any case, these seem to be the last events mentioned by the leader. Perhaps that means light from Earth for events after these didn’t have time yet to travel to the Kanamit world? If so, that would mean they are least 19 light years away. The leader also mentions detecting radio signals regarding World War 2, so that would mean that their world could not be more than 75 light years distant. We also get clues that they can travel the distance very quickly (this is mentioned in “To Serve Man”). So, perhaps they can even travel faster than light, because Star Trek.

I’m going to go with the 19 figure and it looks like in that range, around 20 LY we get a good candidate, 82 Eridani, as the home star system of the Kanamits. There are three confirmed planets in this system, all “super-Earths” (planets a bit more massive than Earth, and potentially, but not definitely, Earth-like in composition and atmosphere). Unfortunately each of these planets is close to the host star, and probably a toasty 250 F or so. Maybe the Kanamits like it hot? More recently, other interesting possibilities were discovered, such as a possible Neptune sized planet within the habitable zone of the star (the zone in which water would be able to exist as a liquid).

Anyway, there are likely other possibilities, and I’ll adjust this post as I find others. But perhaps if we don’t want to get eaten as Kanamits version of KFC takeout, we should find them before they find us and get over to 82 Eridani and see whats what.


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