Doug and Bob’s Excellent Adventure

That’s a reference to the two NASA astronauts now onboard the successfully launched Space X Crew Dragon capsule onboard the Falcon rocket.

I noticed how this may be the first crew craft that was influenced by science fiction about as much as its been influenced by previous craft.

The sleek touch panel looks like Star Trek: Next Generation. The flip up visors on the helmets have some resemblance to Space: 1999. The white surfaces make me think in a Stanley Kubrick movie, and probably 2001: A Space Odyssey.

But back to reality. Bummer. With COVID-19 out there and a “President” inciting violence (the same one who was supposedly at the launch, but apparently press weren’t allowed to show him?) its good to see that there is some evidence *against* the devolution of mankind.

And if you like reading about the interplay of science and science fiction, read my book, The Physics and Astronomy of Science Fiction, available from your favorite electronic book sellers and the publisher (McFarland).


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