Doctor Who and The Time Tunnel

Did anyone else think that this last season of Doctor Who, at least at times, seemed like a rehash of the 1960’s 2 season Irwin Allen show, The Time Tunnel? The premise of that show was that the two leads were set adrift in time (usually the past) due to an accident involving a secret military time experiment. So, our heroes were found trying to get the captain of the Titanic to listen to them (and it sinks anyway), or trying in vain to warn military of the imminent invasion of Pearl Harbor, etc..

Although that wasn’t the direction of every Who episode this season, I did get that feeling such as when we had to get Rosa Parks to protest going to the back of the bus, or when we saw the ramifications of the separation of Pakistan and India.

I should say that I am not a Who hater. Also, I generally like the direction of going for the first female Doctor (Jodie Whitaker), who we’ve seen previously in, for instance, the sci fi anthology series, Black Mirror. I just think a little bit too much of the writing fell on some very old cliches in time travel.

Hmmmm…let me think about this some more….

(if you want more, please feel free to read past posts, or read Steven D. Bloom’s book on the subject, The Physics and Astronomy of Science Fiction, published by McFarland and available through all of your favorite online booksellers.)



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