Star Trek F-Bomb

While it was nice to see Star Trek: Discovery pass another milestone, I just didn’t think it would be the “F-bomb” milestone. A couple of weeks ago, Discovery became the first Star Trek television show (and perhaps any official creation of the franchise?) to use the dreaded “F-word.”

Now, don’t worry. As Sheldon Cooper would say, its not like they were discussing “coitus.”  In a nutshell, an officer was making a presentation to some cadets and others regarding their new “spore drive.” One cadet bursts out with “That’s so f*%#@n cool!” She’s embarrassed over her outburst and apologizes, to which the officer responds “No cadet, don’t be sorry, it is f*%#@n  cool!”

I only wish the show itself was f*%#@n cool ! It hasn’t been bad, but I think it is loosing steam.  More about Discovery science in an upcoming blog post.

And don’t forget my (Steve Bloom’s) wonderful fun filled book that is a delight for all, The Physics and Astronomy of Science fiction, conveniently available, with just one click as they say, from your favorite booksellers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as direct from McFarland Publishing.






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