To Infinity and Beyond

Perhaps I should be happy that the US President seemed to care enough about space that he actually signed a executive order reestsblishing the space council that existed for some years with the vice-president at the helm. But I have doubts about a few elements here. I don’t know if the president cares or was trying to show that he does, but his performance during the weekend seemed to show that he only superficially cared (his rambling and non grammatical speech baffled Buzz Aldrin).Also, I wonder how much the Space Council really matters. On the unmanned side, progress is dictate by what probes to Mars, Jupiter and Pluto are finding, and they are finding much. On the manned side of the program, progress appears to be dictated by the private company space race,now semmingly with SpaceX in the lead. Perhaps a new international space race will open up as both China and Japan now want to send manned missions to the Moon. In light of these facts, a mere Space Council will likely do little,especially with Mike Pence (no friend of NASA) leading the council.


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