I promise that my next post will be back to science….

I was just watching the 1997 film, The Ice Storm. Its not science fiction by any stretch, but I noticed at least three references to/from or sightings of Irwin Allen productions from the 1960’s and early 1970’s. Can you name them? I mention them below since I promise my next post, which will be soon (I’ll try to make it in less than one week) , will be back to science.












The references: 1. The school band is practicing “The Morning After,” the theme from Poseidon Adventure, which was a big hit in the year prior to the events of the film. 2. A friend of one of the main characters cries out “Moisture, Moisture!” when asking for a beer– an offhand reference to Tybo the Carrot’s cries for replenishment of moisture in the “Great Vegetable Rebellion” episode of Lost in Space, which I believe was still in syndication in the New York suburban area during 1973 (the time of the film). 3. They clearly show one of the children watching an episode of Time Tunnel.


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