Space Station 76

I just managed to watch the 2014 sci fi spoof,  Space Station 76. While clearly not meant to be as all out hilarious as Galaxy Quest and certainly not as ridiculous as Spaceballs, it’s definitely a darkly humorous addition to this genre.

Managing  to poke fun at 60s and 70s sci fi icons such as actor Keir Dullea ( of both 2001 and The Starlost) and British series Space: 1999 as well as cultural troupes of the 70s (housewives on Valium, pseudo-hip therapy , closeted gays and even pet gerbils), the film still maintains its overall darkness as it explores characters running away from their real selves , struggling with acceptance in non stereotypical roles, and hobbling through broken marriages.

I enjoyed  it and even laughed out loud a few times (especially during the robot therapist scenes). Live in the now!

Fans of rock/pop of the 70s will recognize the hits of Todd Rundgren in the soundtrack. I imagine this was purposeful since the film stars Liv Tyler, who had considered Todd Rundgren to be her father (she found out during her youth that her biological father was Steve Tyler). Purposeful or not, they made for good choices in addition to Neil Sedakas mid 70s hit, Laughter in the Rain and others.



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